Portfolio 2023

This website.


A natural language interface for Spotify built using OpenAI APIs.

GT Scheduler

Open-source Scheduling tool used by 24k Tech students monthly. Maintained the website and implemented new features.


Chrome extension that reduced bias by suggesting articles with opposite sentiments to the one the user is reading.

ImmerseGT Website

Website for Georgia Tech's first XR hackathon.

GTVC Website

Website for Georgia Tech's VC Club.

GTXR Website

Website for Georgia Tech's XR Club.

Motherhood Beyond Bars

Web and mobile app for a non-profit that helps incarcerated mothers.

SX Summit website 2022

Website for SX Summit 2022.

Movie Success Prediction

Predicting movie success using machine learning. Project for CS 4641.

Old SX Website

Old website for Startup Exchange. Migrated from Wordpress to Next.js.


Barebones python script for syncing spotify across devices and starting a dorm room party.


Democratizing NFT development. Developed the UI and landing page.


Hack GT 8 project. Attempt at implementing an app for generating notes by contributions from the entire class.

CSGO Aimbot

CSGO aimbot made with tensorflow object detection API and YOLOv5. Bot bot that controls input and plays chess using the stockfish engine. bot

A very bot for playing the game

Reddit Discord Bot

Discord bot for browsing reddit posts.


Chrome extension for enhancing online learning. Uses Google NLP to analyze video transcripts and suggests relevant information.


NCR Corporation (Summer 2023)

Software Engineering Intern

NCR Corporation (Summer 2022)

Software Engineering Intern

- Collaborated with the Self-Checkout team to add a new feature that enables donations to worldwide charities in more than 1 million stores.

- Engineered a highly secure and scalable website using React and NestJS, enabling NCR employees to add charities and store owners to choose charities for their stores.

- Containerized and deployed the website on Google Cloud Run and secured it using Apigee.

- Designed an efficient schema for a Firestore database with the potential of storing millions of transactions.

- Successfully added the feature to the Self-checkout UI (a .NET Application) using WebView2 and added the feature’s state to a custom C++ state machine.

ClearTrail Technologies (Summer 2020)

Software Engineering Intern

- Researched the effectiveness of pose estimation in sentiment analysis for crime detection in videos.

- Utilized OpenPose to perform pose estimation and integrated with sentiment analysis system (Tensorflow, Python).